Junior Programme Assistant (Application Deadline: 10th February 2021)

Job Description
We are looking for a Junior Programme Assistant, who is passionate about working for the mountains, to assist in our projects and advance the work of the organization. The job will involve but not be limited to overall project management, content writing, developing communication strategies, working with the union government and state governments, coordinating with partners and state chapters, and organizing our flagship events – Sustainable Mountain Development Summits and Meet of the Mountain States. Depending on the projects and roles assigned, the job will involve travelling to the 9 states two UTs of the Indian Himalayan Region where we operate.

The candidate will work closely with the team in IMI Secretariat and perform the assigned tasks and roles necessary in running the organisation. The candidate should be willing to undertake extra responsibilities should the need arise, come up with innovative ideas for the projects and work in synergy with other small and large teams in the organization and external partners.

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