Background Papers:

Meet of the Mountain State V, 2017: Background Paper

SMDS V, Leh: Background Paper, 2016

IMI Background Paper, 2014

Event Reports:

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit – I, 2011

Meet of the Mountain States – I, 2011

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit – II, 2012

Meet of the Mountain States – II, 2013

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit – III, 2013

Meet of the Mountain States – III, 2014

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit – IV, 2015

Meet of the Mountain States, 2015

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit – V, 2016

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit – VI, 2017

Annual Reports:

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2016-2017

Policymaker Dialogues:

Appropriateness of Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Other Programmes For Indian Mountain States, 2013

Compensating Mountain States, 2014

Demise of Planning Commission: Implication for Mountain States, 2014

Indian Mountain Cities, 2014

Other Events:

National Workshop on Mountain Cities, 2014

Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction in the context of Climate Change, Kohima, 2016

Related Papers and Publications:

Cover Story: India Review & Analysis, September 2017 – Making India Proud of its Mountains

Report of Task Force on Mountain Ecosystems [Environment and Forest Sector] for 11th Five Year Plan, Planning Commission, 2006

Report of Task Force “To look into problems of hill states and hill areas and to suggest ways to ensure that these states and areas do not suffer in any way because of their peculiarities”, Planning Commission and GB Pant Institue of Himalayan Environment & Development, Almora, 2010

Report of Committee on Restructuring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Planning Commission, 2011

Pro-poor Policy Analysis for Adaptation, Centre for Public Policy, Doon University

The Future We Want – Rio+20, 2012

Planning Framework for the Mountain States of India, Centre for Public Policy, 2012

Report of Committee to Study Development in Hill States arising from Management of Forest Lands with Special Focus on Creation of Infrastructure, Livelihood, and Human Development, Planning Commission, 2013.