Khalia Top : Remembering Justice Ravi Dhawan

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Munsyari.  The piece that appeared on Khalia Top, the Water Tower that feeds all the villages on either side of this pivotal Reserve Forest Block, of Munsyari Block  in Garhwal Post ( Khalia Top: How Not to  Develop Tourism , 29th Apl, 2016 ) besides eliciting several messages of deep concern about indiscriminate promotion of “ mass-tourism’ in ecologically sensitive … Read More

Small State Syndrome

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Munsyari.  ‘India, after the break-up of the Soviet Union,’ it has been argued by Sanjib Baruah, ‘is the world’s most multi-ethnic polity. The constitutional design of India’s democratic polity is federal in structure… It has 30 states-with elected legislative assemblies and state government and Governors appointed by the central government – and six Union Territories …( it is ) an … Read More

Understanding Out-migration from Mountains

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Munsyari. Ever since we returned from a short break in Delhi and Dehradoon occasioned by activating applications to be filed for projects by various stake-holders under the recently announced National Mission on Himalayan Studies, its preparation, brainstorming of University staff and some departments, followed by attending presentations at the Paryavaran Bhawan in New Delhi and other matters related to the pan-Indian Montain … Read More

Dr Pushkin Phartiyal

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We are sorry to convey the news that Dr Pushkin Phartiyal, Executive Director CHEA and Governing Councillor IMI passed away earlier this morning. Dr Phartiyal played a pioneering role for IMI, having convened the very first Sustainable Mountain Development Summit in Nainital in 2011.  It was this Summit which first gathered all mountain stakeholders together to discuss the creation of … Read More

NITI Aayog Creates Separate Cell for Mountain States

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In a Consultation held with the States on the 30th November, 2015 at New Delhi the participating States were informed about the functions of the NITI Aayog, and its underlying concepts of Co-operative Federalism, Innovation and Knowledge Hub, Policy/Programme Inputs, Capacity building and Monitoring & Evaluation as it is going to pan out for the new institution which replaced the … Read More