Tourism, Tea, Tussar-silk and Tournament

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Random Thought R. S. Tolia Munsyari. In a normal year the month of May, in these parts of the state, is not much different from the preceding post summer months except the high-mountain dwellers readying themselves to migrate upwards, to their ancestral villagers. For the past couple of years the activities have somewhat been altered in the sense that the … Read More

Triggering Mountain Studies

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This writer recently received proceedings of the second meeting of the Policy Planning Group (PPG), a kind of think tank, consisting of public representatives, former academics and civil servants, to advise the government on major public issues that confront this emerging state. Even though the frequency of meetings of the PPG and especially the follow-up that ought to support this … Read More

Year of Indian Mountains

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As the Gregorian calendar year races to complete its current cycle and turns into the 16th orbit around the Sun during the current millennia it’s time to reflect on the major events that left their imprint on the lives of the people. While the end of the year peaked with the news about the successful COP 21 at Paris signed … Read More

A Brighter Diwali for Mountain States

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Munsyari.  The festivities of Diwali every year become special, for some reason or the other. As far Uttarakhand is concerned, this Diwali brings quite a few reasons, to increase happiness for its citizens. On the 9th November the state completes its 15th year as the 27th state of the Indian Union. There are indications that the ensuing weeks would bring … Read More

Who Migrates to High Himalayas?

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  Munsyari: Come September and its Annual Migration time for those who went up in May-June, both humans and their domestic ‘wealth and food -on- hoof’! As this writer rushed to complete his own preparations for, both, the Uttarakhand delegation that is going to take part in the Fourth Sustainable Mountain Development Summit taking place in remote north-eastern state capital … Read More

First Meet for Himalayan Peoples’ Representatives

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The G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development (GBPIHED), Almora, is scheduled to organise the First Meet for Himalayan Peoples’ Representatives on 10th September, 2015 at 4.00 pm. This is to facilitate the development of a common vision for addressing the environmental and development priorities in the region through the creation of a common forum where views can be shared. … Read More

Crack on Uttarkashi Mountain

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Experts have discovered that it was the poor quality of slope treatment methods used on the mountain after a previous landslide that resulted in the formation of the crack on Varunavat Parvat near Uttarkashi. The series of landslides that occurred in Varunvat on September 24th, 2003 affected more than 3,000 residents and buried structures including houses, government buildings and tourist … Read More

Border Woes for Uttarakhand Village

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Known as “the last village” Milam in the Munsiyari tehsil of Pithoragarh lies on the India China border at the height of 11,200 feet above sea level. The inhabitants have faced a history of hardships including the sudden cessation of trans Himalayan trade, which sustained the local economy and the Zamindari Abolition Act that was imposed without any notice and … Read More

Updates from Darjeeling

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7 relief camps for those affected and in immediate danger by the landslides have been set up with the largest in a school, with others surrounding it housing between 4000 to 5000 people in total. Rice, dal, onions, and oil are being provided by the government, and kitchens have been set up. Clean and enough water, and temporary access to … Read More

MPLADS Brings Relief

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Funds from the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) brought some much needed respite to some parts of the landslide affected region yesterday. A bridge was built just in time for villagers and children to access markets and schools. Untied funds such as MPLADS which can be quickly released in emergency situations are sorely needed in disaster prone areas. In some … Read More