Remembering the Mountain Stalwart: Dr. R.S.Tolia

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It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Dr R.S. Tolia, our beloved and esteemed elder, leader and founder President of the Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI). On behalf of all mountain communities of India and the IMI, we send our deepest condolences to Dr Tolia’s family at this difficult time. The mountain community mourns with you … Read More

Tourism, Tea, Tussar-silk and Tournament

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Random Thought R. S. Tolia Munsyari. In a normal year the month of May, in these parts of the state, is not much different from the preceding post summer months except the high-mountain dwellers readying themselves to migrate upwards, to their ancestral villagers. For the past couple of years the activities have somewhat been altered in the sense that the … Read More

Khalia Top : Remembering Justice Ravi Dhawan

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Munsyari.  The piece that appeared on Khalia Top, the Water Tower that feeds all the villages on either side of this pivotal Reserve Forest Block, of Munsyari Block  in Garhwal Post ( Khalia Top: How Not to  Develop Tourism , 29th Apl, 2016 ) besides eliciting several messages of deep concern about indiscriminate promotion of “ mass-tourism’ in ecologically sensitive … Read More

Forest – Fires of Uttarakhand

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Munsyari.  As the official ‘ Fire Season ’ crosses the half-way mark, with increasing number of both sites and affected area under forest-fires mounting unabated ultimately forcing Forest Minister Prakash Javadekar to come out in defence of on-going officials efforts, suggesting that the losses suffered in resultant reduced ‘carbon sink’ is unlikely to adversely affect the Indian commitment re-iterated recently … Read More

Khalia Top: How Not to Develop Tourism?

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Munsyari :  Munsyari as a tourism destination has been well known to the nature lovers the world-over even if those who are ‘ officially responsible’ for development of tourism in the state may not be ‘officially aware’ of it. ‘Home-stays’ now gaining popularity all over the state has as old a history in this area as one can possibly recall. … Read More

Sustainable Development Forum for Uttarakhand

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Dehradun.  Soon after constitution of its founding-body, a Council consisting of eleven Uttarakhandis, a few news items announcing its arrival have already appeared in local newspapers. This article makes an attempt at explaining its genesis and general background. Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas For its immediate precipitation and causal explanation readers would be advised to refer back to this writer’s … Read More

Small State Syndrome

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Munsyari.  ‘India, after the break-up of the Soviet Union,’ it has been argued by Sanjib Baruah, ‘is the world’s most multi-ethnic polity. The constitutional design of India’s democratic polity is federal in structure… It has 30 states-with elected legislative assemblies and state government and Governors appointed by the central government – and six Union Territories …( it is ) an … Read More


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Dehradun. The inaugural Research Methodology Course programme commenced in Doon University today with a welcome address by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof VK Jain. Background This ten days long maiden Research Methodology Course, a combined enterprise of Doon University and Kumaon University, is a culmination among the state Universities that commenced some four years back when the faculties … Read More

Understanding Out-migration from Mountains

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Munsyari. Ever since we returned from a short break in Delhi and Dehradoon occasioned by activating applications to be filed for projects by various stake-holders under the recently announced National Mission on Himalayan Studies, its preparation, brainstorming of University staff and some departments, followed by attending presentations at the Paryavaran Bhawan in New Delhi and other matters related to the pan-Indian Montain … Read More